6632 Hardener for Polyx-Oil Express 0,15 l

Special clear polyisocyanate-based hardener for Os...

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7000 Primer White 2,5 l

Osmo Primer White is ideal as a first coating befo...

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Flat brush EVO PROFI C 1/ 25mm
18.779 €/bal
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Flat brush EVO PROFI C 1/ 25mm
3.414 €/pc
In stock: 520 pcs
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OAK 1-strip Classic CLASSIC ebony 13,5x185x1820 mm

EKOWOOD three-layer floors are equipped with a mod...

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In stock: 1 096.84 m2
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Pine without impregnation 26x146x4000

Sapwood yellowish or reddish white, heartwood redd...

17.190 €/pc
Not available at the moment
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Siberian Larch smooth/smooth 27x140x4000

Sapwood is yellowish white to reddish white, heart...

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Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4200

The Nordic spruce does not have a very pronounced ...

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Thermo pine/joist 42x68x3900mm

Thermo pine joists are dimensionally stable, durab...

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