Western Red Cedar

The wood of western red cedar is quite winter resistant. The wood is whitish, white 2 to 5 cm wide, the core wood is light reddish brown to reddish-brown, often changeable. The density of dry terrace wood varies between 340 - 460 kg / m3, depending on the fineness of the years / width of tree rings. After drying, the wood is medium-dimensionally stable, easy and clean to process, has a uniformly smooth surface, can be polished well and surface treated. The wood moisture on delivery is approx. 18–20% for exterior flooring. For the correct functionality of the terrace it is essential to observe the basic rules for wooden terraces installation and creating a sufficiently stable foundation.

Western Red Cedar knotty 40x140x2440

Colour: sapwood is whitish and 2 to 5 cm wide, hea...

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