Hidden fastening/appurtenance

Clip pro terasu Merbau 22x140
0.589 €/pc
In stock: 26 878 pcs
Code: Clip MER
Aluminium function strip 34x29x1750mm

Properties: • The profile impresses with its low ...

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Not available at the moment
Code: 945510
ALU-systém/spojka vč. šroubů
5.043 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 945878
ALU-systémový profil 40x60x4000mm
49.239 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 945545
Betonová dlaždice
1.413 €/pc
In stock: 45 pcs
Code: Dlaždice
Bit adapter TX15 / 25 mm

They are used for screwing in areas where it's har...

0.622 €/pc
In stock: 347 pcs
Code: 945852
Cladding clips PURE, screw included

Robust metal clips are screwed to the rails from t...

93.210 €/bal
Not available at the moment
Code: 39900060


Click Thermoash 20x115

Click - hidden fastening - fastening of decking b...

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Code: 20115140
Distance strip 2.0 30x700x7mm

Substructure: Timber The wooden decking board sub...

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Code: 944803