Nivello is used to compensate for small slopes and...

1.452 €/pc
In stock: 180 pcs
Code: 945988
Stone adapter 8x14x4 mm

For stone slabs. Suitable for the adjustable pedes...

0.461 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 946078
Clip pro terasu Merbau 22x140
0.589 €/pc
In stock: 13 264 pcs
Code: Clip MER
Adjustable pedestal Base 1. 2,5-4 cm

Features / Benefits of the Ajustable pedestal BASE...

1.958 €/pc
In stock: 1 572 pcs
Code: 100000
PRO adjustable pedestals S 3,0-5,3cm

Innovative, universal, versatile and user-friendly...

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In stock: 1 485 pcs
Code: 946070
SL PRO adjustable pedestals M 5,5-8,4 cm

The Eurotec SL PRO adjustable pedestal is suitable...

8.061 €/pc
In stock: 358 pcs
Code: 946071–SL
Extension ring PROFI 4cm

Suitable for the PRO S, M, L and XL as well as SL ...

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In stock: 270 pcs
Code: 946074 PRO
Extension ring PROFI 10cm

Suitable for the PRO S, M, L and XL as well as SL ...

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In stock: 136 pcs
Code: 946073 PRO
Low pedestal - underlay; lower part

Height-adjustable pedestals made of hard plastic a...

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In stock: 370 pcs
Code: 945448