Spruce A 14x96x3000
Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000Spruce A 14x96x3000

Spruce A 14x96x3000

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3.960 €/pc
14.000 €/m2
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4.792 €/pc
17.000 €/m2
In stock 1 584 pcs
2228011 M

We supply our Nordic spruce sauna boards in the size of 14 x 96 mm with an extended tongue in the selected classification.
Spruce A 14x96x2700
In stock: 1 584 pcs
3.560 €
Spruce A 14x96x3000
In stock: 1 584 pcs
3.960 €
Spruce A 14x96x3300
In stock: 792 pcs
4.356 €
Spruce A 14x96x3900
In stock: 1 098 pcs
5.148 €
Spruce A 14x96x4200
In stock: 3 841 pcs
5.544 €
Spruce A 14x96x5700
Not available at the moment
7.525 €
We supply our spruce sauna profiles in 14 x 96 mm with extended tongue and groove in selected grades from wood harvested in Finland.
The tongue has a length of 10 mm, i.e. you have to take into account a covering width of 86 mm. Profiles are always charged including the pen.
Our sauna profiles are packed in foil in packs of 6.
These profiles do not have to be used only for sauna lining, they are suitable for any interior wood lining.

Paint and colour
If you use these profiles in a sauna it is not advisable to finish these profiles and therefore use uncoated tiling.
If you use these boards for any other lining we recommend that you surface treat the wood. If you are going to place the profiles in damp areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools... the spruce wood requires first to be protected with an impregnation to make it able to withstand the increased humidity. We recommend using OSMO products.
All profiles with tongue and groove are listed and charged per m2 including tongue.
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