Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2440
Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2440

Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2440

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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x0915
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x1225
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x1530
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x1830
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2135
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2440
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x2745
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x3050
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x3350
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x3655
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x3960
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x4260
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x4570
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x4860
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x5175
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x5480
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x5790
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Western Cedr Raute 20x90x6100
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Sapwood is 2 to 5 cm wide in whitish colour, heartwood is light reddish brown to reddish brown, often variable. The density of dry wood varies between 340 - 460 kg/m3 depending on the fineness or the width of growth rings. After drying, this wood is moderately stable in shape, easy and clean to work, has a evenly smooth surface, can be polished and surface-treated well, and is therefore suitable as timber for cladding. Depending on the production process, the moisture content of the wood (on delivery) is approx. 18 - 20% for exterior flooring timber and 10 - 12% for cladding timber. Cedar wood was already highly valued in ancient times. It contains resin, which gives it its characteristic scent. The substances contained in the wood may drain on fresh cut surfaces and therefore cause colouration on the masonry. We therefore recommend that all cutting edges are coated with OSMO products. This is in addition to the fact that Western Red Cedar is a specific wood, which is characterised not only by the great variation in colour from piece to piece, but especially by its high porosity and brittleness.
For Western Red Cedar, it is especially important to use non-corrosive fasteners on exterior structures. Natural light graying after nearly six months of exposure to weather is normal and does not affect either quality or durability. Colour differences between individual boards are natural, some colour differences may be very marked.
Wood density : approx. 340 - 460 kg/m3.
Artificially dried to: 16-18%

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