Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4200
Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4200

Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4200

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Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4200
In stock: 851 pcs
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Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4500
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Spruce A/B classic 19x196x4800
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The Nordic spruce does not have a very pronounced growth rings. The light yellowish white and knot-rich wood is easy to work. Aside from typical lighter knots, smaller black knots or black-framed knots as well as pitch black knots are all part of the image of this popular wood species. There are 34-40 species of spruce, of which three species are native to Europe and one to the Czech Republic.
Wood density: approx. 400-450 kg/m3. Artificially dried to: 16-18%
Coating and colour
Spruce wood is always recommended to be surface treated. This wood requires first to be protected by impregnation in order to be able to withstand external influences. We recommend the use of OSMO products.
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