Wood Flooring

Wide and well-arranged offer of solid floors made of simple and exotic wood. A selection of Real FLOOR solid oak flooring and EKOWOOD wooden engineered flooring. Each brand has its specifics and is suitable for different purposes. If you do not know what to do, contact us, we will be happy to help you. Solid wood floors are interesting due to their properties, especially appearance and thermal properties. Wooden engineered flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. Consult specific applications with experts.

Modřín/masiv lišta olej 20x42x2700

Ke všem dřevěným podlahám nabízíme správný typ pod...

11.868 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 80473107
Dub/dýha  lišta olej 19x38x2500

Ke všem dřevěným podlahám nabízíme správný typ pod...

6.672 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 80530643 O
Třešeň lišta 19x40x2700

Ke všem dřevěným podlahám nabízíme správný typ pod...

5.722 €/pc
In stock: 29 pcs
Code: 80530368 O
Walnut 3-strip, Unica, lacquered, 13,5x195x2130mm

American Walnut is one of the most priced hardwood...

44.741 €/m2
In stock: 23 m2
Code: Ořech U 2130 5G
Merbau 1-strip, lacquered, 13,5x136x2130mm

Passion and exotic beauty blend together in the ex...

49.058 €/m2
In stock: 28 m2
Code: 115160
Jatoba 1-pás Unica, lak, 2130mm

Vášeň a exotická krása se pojí v podlahách z exoti...

51.020 €/m2
In stock: 5 m2
Code: 115382
Pine A/B 24x146x4000mm

The advantages of the floorboards are the natural ...

7.907 €/pc
In stock: 15 pcs
Code: 24146 BOR 4m PP
Alu/vapor-proof underlay-packing/30m2

Foam with integrated aluminum foil to prevent mois...

1.766 €/m2
In stock: 175 m2
Code: 45514 TH
Isoboard 5,5x590x860

The Isoboard underlay is installed under floating ...

0.876 €/pc
In stock: 8 351 pcs
Code: 555986