DRM/Soft  Facade profilel 16x120x1830
DRM/Soft  Facade profilel 16x120x1830

DRM/Soft Facade profilel 16x120x1830

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161201830 SOFT

DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x2130
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x2430
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x2740
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x3048
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x3650
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x3960
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x4260
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x4570
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DRM/Soft  Facade profile 16x120x4870
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DRM/Soft  Facade profilel 16x120x1830
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DRM/Soft Facade profile16x120x3350
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The sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide in yellowish gray colour, heartwood is pale pink to reddish brown. There might even appear lighter pieces that were made from logs originating in more southerly growing areas. The density of dry wood varies between 560 and 860 kg/m3 depending on the fineness or the width of growth rings. Dark Red Meranti is characterised by a uniform texture which is lightly highlighted. When dry, this wood is well dimensionally stable, easy to work, has a evenly smooth surface and can be well surface treated. Depending on the production process, the moisture content of the wood on delivery is approx. 16 - 18%. The substances contained in the wood may drain on fresh cut surfaces and therefore cause colouration on the masonry. Therefore we recommend that all cutting edges are coated with OSMO products. For Dark Red Meranti it is particularly important to use non-corrosive fixings on external structures. Natural light greying after nearly six months exposure to the weather is normal and does not affect either quality or durability.
Colour differences between individual boards are natural, some colour differences may be very marked.
Wood density : approx. 560 - 860 kg/m3. Artificially dried to: 16-18%
Coating and colour
If you want to protect the wood with pigments while preserving as much of its naturalness as possible, use a pigmented coating. We recommend OSMO products. All applications should be carried out according to the technical data sheets for OSMO products.
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