Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000
Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000

Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000

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Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x3000
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Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x4000
In stock: 3 322 pcs
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Czech Larch, Raute 24x68x5000
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Dimensions: 24x100, 24x68, 24x107, 19x146, 19x100/121/140, 19x200, 24x200mm
Profile: Rhombus/Classic/Board
Origin: Czech
Wood density: approx. 550 kg / m3
Kiln-dried: 16-18%

Benefits of Czech Larch:
1. Outstanding Outdoor Endurance: Czech Larch from AU-MEX showcases remarkable resilience against varying weather conditions, ensuring longevity in exterior settings.
2. Effortless Maintenance: With its straightforward care requirements, Czech Larch from AU-MEX demands minimal upkeep over time, offering a practical solution for projects with long-term durability needs.
3. Impregnation-Free Durability: Harnessing its innate properties, Czech Larch from AU-MEX thrives without the need for additional impregnation, streamlining maintenance processes while maintaining its robustness.
4. Exceptional Hardness: Czech Larch from AU-MEX is recognised as one of the sturdiest softwoods. It delivers exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance across various applications.
5. Diverse Aesthetic Appeal: Czech Larch from AU-MEX offers a diverse range of appearances, featuring an array of colour variations and distinctive grain patterns, enriching the visual appeal and character of projects.
6. Extensive Size and Profile Variety: With a wide selection of sizes and profiles available, our Czech Larch offerings from AU-MEX cater to diverse project needs, ensuring adaptability and suitability for various applications.
7. Compelling Siberian Larch Alternative: Czech Larch from AU-MEX presents a compelling alternative to Siberian Larch. It boasts comparable durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic qualities while offering a cost-effective option for various cladding and outdoor applications.
8. Why Larch Czech from AU-MEX? Choosing Larch Czech from AU-MEX ensures superior quality and performance. Our Larch Czech is sourced responsibly and processed with precision, guaranteeing both durability and aesthetic appeal. Trust AU-MEX for premium Larch Czech that elevates your project with its natural beauty and long-lasting resilience.
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