Fine SUNRISE 14.0x195x2200 mm

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Thanks to the state-of-the-art 5G lock and Osmo finish, EKOWOOD floors are the top of the range among wooden floors.
Fine SUNRISE 14.0x195x2200 mm
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53.689 €
Fine SUNRISE 14.0x195x2200 mm

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This collection of wooden floors is exceptional. Every color of the floor made of fine intertwined strips of individual trees allows you to bring playfulness and originality to your environment. Unique designs and colors give you inspiration and the opportunity to achieve the perfect flooring for a modern interior.
Fine Season floors combine different types of wood to create a completely unusual floor. Sorting is done manually, so each piece creates wonderful modulations of patterns and colors. EKOWOOD floors from the Fine Season collection are available in a width of 195 mm and a slat length of 2200 mm with a clear varnish finish. The surface is smoothly ground, without phases around the slats. EKOWOOD has a low thickness of 13.5 mm and a Hevea hardwood core. This type of flooring is suitable for hot-water floor heating.
Packaging: contains 2,574 m2
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