Czech Larch joist 40x60x5000mm
Czech Larch joist 40x60x5000mm

Czech Larch joist 40x60x5000mm

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Solid larch joists suitable for visual panelling and as a substructure.
Czech Larch joist 40x60x5000mm
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17.955 €
Czech Larch joist 40x60x4000mm
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Czech larch is harvested in the Jesenice foothills and in parts of Silesia - in the Bruntal, Krnov and Opava regions of the Czech Republic. The sapwood is yellowish-white, the heartwood reddish-brown to dark reddish-brown, darkening further. Typical characteristics of the Czech larch is excretion of resin, which can occur during and after installation. However, with OSMO's "Resin Removal Set" you can easily eliminate this small problem yourself. Larch is particularly sensitive to iron, and to avoid rust spots, we recommend only stainless steel fasteners. Because larch is prone to splitting, all attachment points should be pre-drilled. We recommend to use OSMO End Grain Sealing Wax No. 5735 on the ends of the joists.

Wood density: approx. 550 kg/m3
Artificially dried to: 16-18%
Quality: according to EN14519
Lightly shrunk edges on all sides.
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