Bakit EK new glue for parquets 17 kg
Bakit EK new glue for parquets 17 kg

Bakit EK new glue for parquets 17 kg

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In stock 30 pcs

Bakit EK new glue for parquets 17 kg
In stock: 30 pcs
112.755 €
Bakit ESP glue on parquets 17 kg
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132.771 €
• one-component
• ready for immediate use
• universal use
• fast and elastic curing
• very easy to spread
• long time for storing parquet in the glue

Features and uses:
One-component adhesive with very low emissions, solvent and silicone-free, with an excellent curing process and very good spreadability, intended for elastic gluing of parquets. The adhesive is suitable for various types of parquet - mosaic parquet, frieze parquet from a thickness of 16 mm for tongue and groove, high lamella parquets with thickness of 10 - 23 mm, wooden paving RE with a maximum paving block size of 50 mm; two, three or multi-layered finished parquets in the form of boards and planks, solid wooden planks up to 270 cm from a thickness of 15 mm (with a thickness ratio to width max. 1:10, for woody plants prone to swelling max. 1: 8) up to a length of 270 cm. When gluing exotic woods, first consult the suitability of the adhesive with our techniques.

The adhesive is intended for gluing on substrates: cement screed, anhydrite screed, chipboard V 100 E1, OSB boards and on sanitized substrates provided with suitable self-leveling screeds.
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