Merbau Floor Parquet T&G 15x90x450/1500mm
Merbau Floor Parquet T&G 15x90x450/1500mmMerbau Floor Parquet T&G 15x90x450/1500mm

Merbau Floor Parquet T&G 15x90x450/1500mm

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Merbau is found in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia in areas near the coast and at elevations up to 400 m above sea level.
The core wood is brown-gray to dark red-brown with various shades. The color differences between the boards are natural and customary and create a beautiful look for demanding interiors.
Merbau has an almost uniform texture without defects and sapwood. This wood contains a high content of resin, which is manifested by the appearance of golden yellow veins. The wood is very hard and has a long lifetime due to its high density and contained substances.
Wood density: 850 - 1100 kg / m3.
For full-surface bonding, we recommend using KIESEL BAKIT PU-P polyurethane glue. It ensures that even very oily wood such as Merbau does not break away from the substrate during use.
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