KiKitt No. 2 wood putty - 10 kg
KiKitt No. 2 wood putty - 10 kg

KiKitt No. 2 wood putty - 10 kg

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KiKitt No. 2:

dries very quickly
well sandable
contains solvents
Easy to process
low consumption

KiKitt No. 2 is an excelent solvent wood putty solution. It is designed for jointing parquet and wooden floors in the interior. KiKitt No. 2 is mixed with sanded dust to a consistency for easy application with a trowel, which fills defects in the wood to a width of 2 mm or smaller. KiKitt No. 2 can be used under all types of sealing Kiesel varnishes parquets and every oil systems based on hard waxes. KiKitt No. 2 is very suitable for the use of colored oils, the color of which is naturally accentuated.
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