Bakit PU-P, comb. A+B glue 10 kg PU
Bakit PU-P, comb. A+B glue 10 kg PU

Bakit PU-P, comb. A+B glue 10 kg PU

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• Bakit PU-P does not contain solvents according to TRGS 610
• also suitable for difficult-to-process woods and parquet types
• suitable for floors with underfloor heating
• Bakit PU-P does not contain water, the wood does not swell during application
• very low EC 1 R Plus emissions according to GEV

Features and use:
Two-component polyurethane adhesive without solvents and water, with very low emissions in accordance with DIN EN 14 293, intended for solid gluing of parquets and for full-area gluing of laminate floors approved by the manufacturer for this method of gluing.
The glue is suitable for various types of parquets: mosaic parquets, friezes for grooves and tongues, high lamella parquets, solid parquets with thickness of 10 mm; two, three or multi-layered finished parquets in boards and planks, solid wood planks, laminate coverings and wooden tiles according to DIN 68 702 RE, WE without vehicle movement.
Consult the use of adhesive for gluing exotic wood first.
It is used for gluing on cement screeds, anhydrite screeds, cast asphalt screeds (hardness class IC 10), chipboard P5 (V 100 E1), OSB boards type OSB-3 / OSB-BAU and substrates with Servofix or Servoplan screeds.
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