Thermo Pine 26x117x4200
Thermo Pine 26x117x4200Thermo Pine 26x117x4200Thermo Pine 26x117x4200

Thermo Pine 26x117x4200

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Dimensionally stable, durable, and completely ecological wood. Dimensional changes are eliminated by up to 60%.
Thermo Pine 26x117x3900
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Thermo Pine 26x117x4200
In stock: 786 pcs
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Thermo Pine 26x117x5100
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Thermo Pine 26x117x5400
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Thermo wood - pine
Dimensionally stable, durable and completely environmentally friendly wood.
The Thermo wood we supply is produced using the WTT method, which uses a heat treatment of the wood at 180°C. The timber gains significantly improved dimensional stability and thus reduces the susceptibility of the wood to deformation or swelling and subsequent shrinking of the wood. Dimensional changes are eliminated by up to 60%.
The wood shows increased resistance to rot and mould, as well as improved insulation properties.
Wood density: approx. 450 kg/m3
Artificially dried to: 16-18%
Recommended dilatation between boards in installation: 5 - 7 mm
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