Siberian larch Raute 20x93x3000
Siberian larch Raute 20x93x3000Siberian larch Raute 20x93x3000

Siberian larch Raute 20x93x3000

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Siberian larch Raute 20x93x3000
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Siberian Larch Raute 20x93x2500
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Siberian Larch Raute 20x93x2700
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Siberian larch Raute cut 20x93x3300
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Siberian larch Raute cut 20x93x3600
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Siberian larch Raute cut 20x93x4000
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The colour of sapwood is yellowish white to reddish white, heartwood is reddish brown to dark reddish brown. Siberian larch is one of the most valuable and durable species among coniferous woods. The resin it contains repels water as a natural impregnation and protects the wood from fungal attack. Due to its slow growth in cold regions, Siberian larch is harder than European larch. Larch is particularly sensitive to iron, and to prevent rust spots, only stainless steel fasteners are recommended. Because larch is prone to splitting, all attachment points should be pre-drilled. We recommend the use of OSMO Cutting Edge Wax No. 5735 on the ends of the faces.
Wood density : approx. 650 kg/m3. Artificially dried to: 16-18%.
Coating and paint
If you decide to treat the Siberian Larch wood on the facade with a coating to preserve the wood without the typical grey patina (which appears on the wood without treatment for approx. 1 year after exposure to the weather), we recommend using OSMO products.

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