Siberian Larch A/B 15x135x1980mm/4-T&G/Polyx-Oil
Siberian Larch A/B 15x135x1980mm/4-T&G/Polyx-Oil

Siberian Larch A/B 15x135x1980mm/4-T&G/Polyx-Oil

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Siberian Larch A/B 15x135x1980mm/4-T&G/Polyx-Oil
In stock: 240 pcs
13.260 €
Siberian Larch A/B 15x142x1980mm/4-T&G/Polyx-Oil
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The focus of the Siberian larch is the West Siberian Plain.
Siberian larch is a yellowish-white to reddish wood with healthy overgrown knots. The wood is equally fibrous and has a relatively fairly uniform texture.
Siberian larch has a density after drying of ca. 650 kg / m 3.
Larch is one of the most valued and durable species of coniferous wood. Its contained resin repels water as a natural impregnation and protects wood against fungal attack.
Our 15 mm floor panels are designed exclusively for installation by full-area gluing. For full-area gluing we recommend using elastic adhesive KIESEL BAKIT EK or polyurethane adhesive KIESEL BAKIT PU-P.
Floor panels 27 mm are designed for laying on wooden slats or better on the substrate formed by OSB boards.
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