Siberian Larch 15x135x1980mm, unfinished
Siberian Larch 15x135x1980mm, unfinished

Siberian Larch 15x135x1980mm, unfinished

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In stock 544 pcs

Siberian Larch 15x135x1973mm, unfinished
In stock: 49 pcs
Siberian Larch 15x135x1980mm, unfinished
In stock: 544 pcs
The Siberian larch is native to the West Siberian Plain.
Siberian larch is a yellowish-white to reddish wood, with healthy overgrown knots.
The wood is straight-fibred and has a fine, fairly even texture.
Siberian larch has a dry density of approx. 650 kg/m3.
Larch is one of the most valued and durable species among coniferous woods. The resin it contains repels water as a natural impregnation and protects the wood from fungal attack.
It is very easy to work.
Our 15 mm floor tiles are exclusively designed for installation by full gluing. We recommend the use of KIESEL BAKIT EK elastic adhesive or KIESEL BAKIT PU-P polyurethane adhesive for all-over gluing.
The 27 mm floor panels are designed for laying on wooden grids or better on OSB subfloors.

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