Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm
Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mmPine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mmPine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm

Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm

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Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm
In stock: 389 pcs
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Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x5000mm
In stock: 5 pcs
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Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x5100mm
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Wood from impregnated pine for underconstruction is available in A / B / C quality.
In case of decking wood made of pressure-impregnated pine named Bochemite, whitish spots occur on the surface, especially in the area of knots. It is resin that pops out during pressure impregnation which mixed with the impregnating substance. These whitish salt spots will weather over time. The wooden underconstruction made of timber joists must be well measured, so that it can withstand deformation and does not lift when swelling and shrinking during the year.
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