Pine Bochemite (brown) 24x120x5000

Pine Bochemite (brown) 24x120x5000

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Wooden decking with Bochemite pressure impregnation show brown colouration from the impregnation substance.
Pine Bochemite (brown) 24x120x4000
In stock: 47 pcs
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Pine Bochemite (brown) 24x120x5000
In stock: 253 pcs
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Whitewood yellowish or reddish-white, core wood reddish yellow, darkens to brownish red. It contains larger amounts of resin, which can leak out under strong solar heating. Wood density: ca. 450 kg / m 3 .Artificially dried to 16-18 %.Recommended dilatation between boards when laying: 5 - 7 face side = Smooth
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