Oak Rustic 15x70x490mm/2-P&D/unfinished
Oak Rustic 15x70x490mm/2-P&D/unfinishedOak Rustic 15x70x490mm/2-P&D/unfinished

Oak Rustic 15x70x490mm/2-P&D/unfinished

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In stock 270 m2
OAK 15.70.490

Oak Rustic 15x70x490mm/2-P&D/unfinished
In stock: 270 m2
28.179 €
Oak Rustic 15x70x420mm/4-P&D/unfinished
Not available at the moment
28.179 €
Oak Rustic 15x70x420mm/4-P&D/unfinished
Not available at the moment
28.179 €
Oak Rustic 15x70x500mm/4-P&D/unfinished
In stock: 14 m2
28.179 €
REAL FLOOR floors also include solid oak parquets, which are available in a thickness of 15 mm and a width of 100 mm.
Oak parquet has its own circle of customers who simply would not want another home floor. At the same time, oak parquet has historically been used places such as dance halls, gyms, sports and social areas where the wooden floor will have to withstand heavy loads. This floor also allows for deep renovations where full-surface sanding is required.
The European oak has a density after drying of 720-750 kg / m3. Medium hardwood has moderate bending and compression strength, low rigidity and impact toughness.
Rustic sorts out the authenticity of oak wood. Color differences and contrast are characteristic for Rustic, as well as the appearance of whiteness. Healthy overgrown knots without restrictions and small black knots are allowed.
• Wood - Oak
• Unfinished - without surface treatment
• Design - 4 x tongue and groove, with phase
• Installation - full-area gluing
• Type - Rustic
• Width - 70 mm
• Thickness - 15 mm
• Length - 420 mm

For full-area gluing we recommend using the elastic adhesive KIESEL BAKIT EK neu or polyurethane adhesive BAKIT PU-P.
The substruction must be cohesive and free from cracks with a flatness of + 2 mm to 2 rm, firm and clean. Please refer to the ČSN 74 4505 standard, where the residual moisture content of the substrate for the full-area gluing of wooden floors is determined as follows:
• Cement screed <2.0% CM
• Anhydrite screed <0.5% CM

4-P&D parquet can be installed in the longitudinal direction.
4-P&D parquet can also be laid in the Herringbone style (tree).
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