Larch A/B 27x146x4000mm

Larch A/B 27x146x4000mm

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35.000 €/m2
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42.000 €/m2
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Larch  A/B 27x146x5000mm
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Larch A/B 27x146x2000mm
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Larch A/B 27x146x3000mm
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Larch A/B 27x146x4000mm
In stock: 508 pcs
20.170 €
Larch B 27x146x4000mm
Not available at the moment
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Larch B 27x146x5000mm
In stock: 4 pcs
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The advantages of the floorboards are the natural appearance of the wood, quick and easy montage, a wide range of applications in the interior and exterior, shape stability and very favorable price. These reasons make floorboards one of the most popular construction materials.
The boards are made of wood and dried to a humidity of 10-12%. This in itself ensures long-term durability.

For long periods of enjoyment with solid floorboards, observe the following installation and maintenance instructions.

Installation instructions for our REAL FLOOR massive floorboards - thickness from 20 mm:
If you find any defects before installation, please do not start the installation, but ask your dealer. Processing of defective slats closes the possibility of later complaints. Installation of wooden floors should only be provided after the completion of rough work (eg masonry, tiling, etc.). The air humidity should be about 55% at 18 ° C. Bundles can be only opened from the reinforcing tape right before installation.
All profiles with tongue and groove are listed and charged per m2 including tongue.
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