Nivello is used to compensate for small slopes and...

1.452 €/pc
In stock: 72 pcs
Code: 945990
Stone adapter 8x14x4 mm

For stone slabs. Suitable for the adjustable pedes...

0.461 €/pc
Not available at the moment
Code: 946078
Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm

Wood from impregnated pine for underconstruction i...

11.939 €/pc
In stock: 2 185 pcs
Code: 45703900
Thermo pine/joist 42x68x3900mm

Thermo pine joists are dimensionally stable, durab...

21.276 €/pc
In stock: 5 217 pcs
Code: 42683900Ksv
Czech Larch/joist 45x70x2000

Czech Larch is a wood rich in resins and therefore...

9.419 €/pc
In stock: 1 365 pcs
Code: 45702000MD
Siberian Larch/joist 45x70x2700

Siberian Larch is a resin-rich wood and therefore ...

12.716 €/pc
In stock: 2 606 pcs
Code: 45702700RU
Bangkirai/glued joist for outdoor use 45x70x3000mm

The exotic wood retains its durability due to the ...

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In stock: 873 pcs
Code: 45703000H
Joist_exotic wood 45x70x1000

The exotic wood retains its durability due to the ...

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Code: 45701000Jar
Joist_exotic wood 90x90x2740

The 90 x 90 mm masive joist can function as suppor...

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Code: 90902740DRM