Merbau wood terraces are supplied air-dry with a humidity of approx. 20%. The core wood is brown-gray to dark red-brown with various shades. Color differences between individual boards are natural and usual. Annual rings are not noticeable, dry wood is odorless. Wood that is exposed to the outdoor environment can produce small cracks and cracks at the ends of the boards due to the relative humidity variation. This wood contains a high content of resin, which is manifested by the appearance of golden yellow veins. The wood is very hard and has a long lifetime due to its high density and contained substances. These oily substances may be washed away by rain during the first phase of exposure. For correct functionality of the wooden terrace it is essential to observe the basic rules for installation of wooden terraces and creating a sufficiently stable construction. For the substructure, only wood of the same or similar density should be used for even swelling and shrinkage. Wood density: 850-1100 kg / m3.

Merbau 25x145x2160

Merbau wood is brown to dark red-brown with differ...

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Merbau Clip HL/HL 22x140x1220

Merbau wood is brown to dark red-brown with differ...

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