The terrace wood Ipe is light to dark chocolate brown, occasionally turns to an olive brown shade. Color differences between individual boards are natural and usual. Ipe is a very heavy wood, with a density after drying up to 1200 kg / m3. It is very durable and stable after drying. Due to the high hardness, high density and high content of wood substances it has a long service life. For the correct functionality of the terrace it is essential to observe the basic rules for installation of wooden terraces and creating a sufficiently stable substructure.


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Ipe hl/hl 21x145x1835

Dřevo Ipe je světle až tmavě čokoládově hnědé, obč...

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Ipe hl/hl 21x145x2160

Ipe wood is light to dark chocolate brown, sometim...

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