Garapa terrace wood is light yellow-brown wood, which in the air on the surface partially darkens to medium brown color. Garapa has mostly direct fibrillation. Garapa has a density after drying of 800 to 1000 kg / m3, an average of 900 kg / m3. It dries slowly and has good stability in use. The color differences between the boards are natural, but they are not very striking. The wood is very hard and has a long lifetime due to its high density and high content of wood substances. For the correct functionality of the terrace it is essential to observe the basic rules for wooden terraces installation and creating a sufficiently stable substructure.

Garapa hl/hl 22x140x1520
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Garapa reeded/grooved 25x145x1830

Garapa wood is light yellow-brown wood, which dark...

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