Drying makes the terrace wood more stable and dimensionally stable. The core wood is reddish to brown in its fresh state. Color differences between individual boards are natural and usual. The core wood, which does not always get rid of lighter whiteness, shows high resistance to mold and insects. Annual rings are not noticeable, dry wood is odorless. Insect holes may occur in the wood but do not affect the durability and static properties. The wood is very hard and has a long lifetime due to its high density and the substances it contains. For the correct functionality of the terrace it is essential to observe the basic rules for wooden terraces installation and creating a sufficiently stable foundation. Only wood of the same or similar density should be used for the foundation to ensure even swelling and shrinkage. Wood density: 505 - 850 kg / m3.

Bukit 19x90x1830

When fresh, the heartwood has a yellowish-brown to...

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Bukit P+D 28x145x2135

When fresh, the heartwood has a yellowish-brown to...

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