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Exotic and coniferous wood on the terrace will expand the living space and blend in with the surrounding nature. No matter if you choose exotic massaranduba wood or coniferous wood of Siberian larch, the wood will take just the right amount of heat in the summer months and is pleasant even in colder weather.


Nivello is used to compensate for small slopes and...

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Stone adapter 8x14x4 mm

For stone slabs. Suitable for the adjustable pedes...

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Finnish pine, pressure impregnation (brown) 28x145x4500

Finnish pine decking comes from the westernmost re...

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Joist_exotic wood 45x70x3048

Exotic Paraju wood is in the same category of hard...

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Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3900mm

Wood from impregnated pine for underconstruction i...

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Massaranduba reeded/smooth 21x145x2150

The exceptionally fine, evenly textured wood that ...

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Pine Bochemite (brown) 24x120x5000

Whitewood yellowish or reddish-white, core wood re...

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Pine without impregnation 26x146x4000

Sapwood yellowish or reddish white, heartwood redd...

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Siberian larch smooth 27x140x3300

Sapwood is yellowish white to reddish white, heart...

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