Dark Red Meranti

The facade wood of Dark red meranti is yellowish gray, sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide, the core wood is pale pink to red-brown. There may also be lighter pieces that have been made of logs originating in the southern regions. The density of dry wood varies between 560 - 860 kg / m3 depending on the fineness of the age / width of the rings. Dark Red Meranti has a uniform texture that is slightly grained. After drying, this wood is well dimensionally stable, easy and clean to process, has an evenly smooth surface, and can be well treated. The wood moisture on delivery is approx. 16-18%. The substances contained may ronate on fresh areas of cut and therefore cause discolouration on the masonry. We therefore recommend all cutting edges to be coated with OSMO End Grain Sealing Wax No. 5735. For Dark Red Meranti, it is especially important to use non-corrosive fasteners for external constructions. Natural light gray after almost six months of weathering is normal and does not affect either quality or durability. Color differences between individual boards are natural, some differences in color can be very striking. Wood density: ca. 560 - 860 kg / m 3. Artificially dried to: 16-18%

DRM/Planed Plank 18x140x1835

The sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide in yellowish gray co...

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DRM/Soft  Facade profilel 16x120x1830

The sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide in yellowish gray co...

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DRM/Raute profile 20x90x1830

The sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide in yellowish gray co...

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DRM/Joist 30x55x1830

Sapwood is 4 to 8 cm wide in yellowish gray colour...

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