Solid Wood Flooring (page 4)

REAL FLOOR includes solid wood floors from exotic woods to coniferous woods. Teak, Merbau, Palisander, Oak, Ash or Larch are floors that have been used for generations because of their massive design.

Teak 4-T&G 15x90x800mm

Teak comes from Indonesia, Burma and also grows in...

70.447 /m2
In stock: 561.98 m2
Code: TEAK 1,44
Ash 160x8x22,8mm unfinished mosaic

ASH INDUSTRIAL MOSAIC is a part of our range of so...

27.669 /m2
In stock: 874.66 m2
Code: 101705


Merbau Floor Parquet T&G 15x120x300-900/1200mm

Merbau is found in Southeast Asia, especially Indo...

41.797 /m2
In stock: 205.63 m2
Code: MER 15.120.MIX