Substruction is used to create a load-bearing structure. The load-bearing structure shall be designed to withstand the load of its own weight and the weight of the cladding and the load of external forces, especially wind. In addition, it must be capable of being attached so it could be leveled with the tolerances allowed by the general rules. To ensure that the suspended facade is securely attached to the substrate, select a batten distance between 50 and 70 cm, depending on the thickness of the facade profile.

Pine/joist impregnated 45x70x3000mm

Wood from impregnated pine for underconstruction i...

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Code: 45.70.3000 RU B
Pine/joist impregnated brown 45x70x4000

Wood from impregnated pine for underconstruction i...

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Code: 45.70.4000 BOCH
Bor./Hranol thermo A/B 42x42x3000

Hranoly z Thermo dřeva borovice jsou rozměrově sta...

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Czech Larch/joist 45x70x2000

Czech Larch is a wood rich in resins and therefore...

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Siberian Larch/joist 45x70x2700

Siberian Larch is a resin-rich wood and therefore ...

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Thermo pine/joist A/B 42x92x3000

Thermo pine underconstruction is dimensionally sta...

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Czech Larch joist, fingerjoined 40x60x5000
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DRM/Joist 30x55x1830

The sapwood is yellowish gray, is 4 to 8 cm wide, ...

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