Fastening/joining technology

Fastening and joining technology play a very important role.Attachment to the substructure has two extremes: Fixed attachment with a plurality of fasteners prevents dimensional and shape changes, but cracks penetrating from the fixed points may result in cladding appearance and the possibility of water leaking into the cracks. Screw heads must be leveled with the profile surface. The screw hole and countersink must be pre-drilled. There must be no cracks around the screw heads. The fasteners must be permanently corrosion-resistant. The right length of the connecting screws must be chosen to ensure sufficient strength of the joints, but it must not protrude - that could damage the tightness of the possible foil. Min. distance for screws at the ends of boards is min. 3 cm and max. 5 cm from the end. You will prevent the wood on creating cracks at the ends.

Bit adapter TX15 / 25 mm

They are used for screwing in areas where it's har...

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Cladding clips PURE, screw included

Robust metal clips are screwed to the rails from t...

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Facade-clip RAUTE 115x22mm/3x screw

Advantages: • For facade timbers with a profile h...

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Hapatec 4x40/TX15, 500 pcs/bundle, stainless steel

Conditionally resistant to corrosion, not resistan...

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Hapatec-Heli- 4,5x50mm TX-20/A4

Corrosion resistant, conditionally acid-resistant,...

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Hobotec 3,2x25mm/TX10,500 pcs/bundle, brass
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Hobotec 3,2x25mm/TX10,500 pcs/bundle, yellow
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Hobotec 3,2x30mm/TX10,500 pcs/bundle, blue
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Hobotec 3,2x35mm/TX10,500 pcs/bundle, blue
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