Foiled birch 9x1250x2500
Foiled birch 9x1250x2500

Foiled birch 9x1250x2500

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63.040 €/pc
20.000 €/m2
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76.278 €/pc
24.000 €/m2
In stock 163 pcs
9 I/I brown

Foiled birch 12x1250x2500
In stock: 146 pcs
81.804 €
Foiled birch 15x1250x2500
In stock: 372 pcs
96.644 €
Foiled birch 18x1250x2500
In stock: 447 pcs
107.805 €
Foiled birch 21x1250x2500
In stock: 252 pcs
128.655 €
Foiled birch 9x1250x2500
In stock: 163 pcs
63.040 €
Use: important material in the construction industry for shawls, monoliths and other building structures, trailers, in the furniture industry, playground equipment, in the automotive industry and shipbuilding...
The cutting surfaces of the foiled plywood are protected with acrylic paint during production. This protection by the manufacturer is only temporary, mainly to protect the plywood during transport. In order to obtain a longer service life of the foiled plywood, it is important that the cutting surfaces are treated with a waterproof coating as soon as possible before further use.
Note: The use of plywood must be consulted with your specialist dealer.
Cutting options:
We can offer simple formatting of plywood for the price of 28,- CZK incl. VAT for 1 cut.
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