Elliotis Pine C+/C 18x1250x2500
Elliotis Pine C+/C 18x1250x2500

Elliotis Pine C+/C 18x1250x2500

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In stock 892 pcs

Elliotis Pine C+/C 15x1250x2500
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Elliotis Pine C+/C 18x1250x2500
In stock: 892 pcs
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Elliotis Pine C+/C 21x1250x2500
In stock: 250 pcs
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Species: Elliottis Pine
Thickness (mm): 9-30
Dimensions (mm): 2440x1220/2500x1250
Number of layers: 3-11
Degree: BB, AC, BC, CP-C, Flooring, Sheating, Frameply, C+/C+ O&ES, C+/C

Benefits of Elliotis Pine Plywood
• FSC + CE4 certified: Ensures sustainable sourcing and compliance with European standards.
• Durability with minimal weight: Combines strength with lightweight properties, making it easy to handle and transport.
• Excellent for industrial applications and packaging: Perfect for heavy-duty uses due to its robust nature.
• High water resistance: Resistant to moisture, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.
• Fast assembly and easy processing: Simple to work with, reducing time and labour costs.
• Versatile combination with other materials: Can be integrated with different materials for diverse applications.
• Variety of thicknesses, sizes, and grades: Available in multiple dimensions and quality grades to suit various needs.
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