CEDAR Softline 15x90x1219
CEDAR Softline 15x90x1219CEDAR Softline 15x90x1219

CEDAR Softline 15x90x1219

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8.014 /pc
73.000 /m2
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9.697 /pc
88.000 /m2
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CEDR Soft1219

Sauna profile made of western red cedar.
CEDAR Softline 15x90x1219
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x1524
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x1828
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x2133
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x2438
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x2743
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x3048
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CEDAR Softline 15x90x915
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Sapwood is 2 to 5 cm wide in whitish colour, heartwood is light reddish brown to reddish brown, often variable. The density of dry wood varies between 340 - 460 kg/m3 depending on the fineness or the width of growth rings. After drying, this wood is moderately stable in shape, easy and clean to work, has a evenly smooth surface, can be polished and surface-treated well, and is therefore suitable as timber for cladding. Depending on the production process, the moisture content of the wood (on delivery) is approx. 18 - 20% for exterior flooring timber and 10 - 12% for cladding timber. Cedar wood was already highly valued in ancient times. It contains resin, which gives it its characteristic scent. The substances contained in the wood may drain on fresh cut surfaces and therefore cause colouration on the masonry. We therefore recommend that all cutting edges are coated with OSMO products.
The colour differences between individual boards are natural, some differences in colour can be very marked. Wood density : approx. 340 - 460 kg/m3.
All profiles with tongue and groove are listed and charged per m2 including tongue.
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