Bukit P+D 28x145x2135
Bukit P+D 28x145x2135

Bukit P+D 28x145x2135

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Bukit Wood belongs to the category of middle-heavy woods. The year circles of wood fibers are little distinguishable.
Bukit P+D 28x145x1830
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Bukit P+D 28x145x2135
In stock: 861 pcs
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Bukit P+D 28x145x2440
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Bukit P+D 28x145x2745
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Bukit P+D 28x145x3355
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Bukit P+D 28x145x3660
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Bukit P+D 28x145x3960
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Bukit P+D 28x145x4270
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Bukit P+D 28x145x3050
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The core wood has a yellowish-brown appearance in the fresh state, often with strips running in a grey shade. The color differences between the different boards are natural and customary. Bukit Wood belongs to the category of middle-heavy woods. The rings and fibers of the wood are not very recognizable.
Wood density: approx. 500-850 kg/m3
Kiln dried: 16-18%
Recommended dilatation between Planers when laying: 5 – 8 mm
Processing Variant 1:
18 x 140 mm face side = Smooth
Processing Variant 2:
19 x 90 mm face side = Reeded
Processing Variant 3:
28 x 145 mm face side = coarse groove, with pen and groove on the transverse side

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