Brushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinished
Brushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinishedBrushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinishedBrushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinished

Brushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinished

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Brushed Oak 20x180mm, 4-T&G/4V/ unfinished
In stock: 218.31 m2
62.402 €
Oak Brushed 20x180mm 4-T&G/4V/ 0,5-2m; unfinished
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Oak Flooring 20x180mm brushed 4PD/4V unfinished 0,5-2m
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REAL FLOOR floors include solid wood floors from beautiful exotic woods to coniferous woods.
Oak (Quercus s.p.p.) is a generic name of deciduous and evergreen trees of the beech family. Oak floors are suitable for almost any home. The impression of oak flooring is excellent.
The whole genus includes 400-600 species occurring predominantly in the temperate to the subtropical zone of the northern hemisphere. They are most widespread in North America and East Asia, with fewer species coming from Europe. Some species also occur in tropical regions of Asia and South America. Hard oak wood has been used for centuries to produce beams, floors, and furniture. The barrels in which wine and other alcoholic drinks are aged, they are made from oak.
The European oak has a density after drying of 720-750 kg / m3. Medium hardwood has moderate bending and compression strength, low stiffness, and impact resistance. It is also very suitable for bending. Oak contains a significant amount of tannins 12-20% - catechins and ellagitannins. It also contains flavonoids and purpurogalin, i.e., red oak bark.
For full-area bonding, we recommend using the elastic adhesive KIESEL BAKIT EK neu or polyurethane adhesive BAKIT PU-P.

Explanatory notes:
Oak brushed = Oak floorboard, brushed surface
20 x 180 mm = thickness 20 mm, width 180 mm
4-T&G = 4 x tongue and groove, i.e., tongue and groove around each slat
without PL = without surface treatment
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