Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3000
 Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3000

Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3000

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191403000 Thermo

 Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3000
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Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3300
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Thermo Pine tatran A/B 19x140x3600
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Thermo wood is dimensionally stable, durable and completely ecological wood with increased resistance to biological pests and our facade profiles are made of pine harvested in Finland.
The Thermo wood we supply is produced by the WTT method, which uses the heat treatment of wood at 180 ° C.
Wood obtains significantly improved dimensional stability and thus reduces the susceptibility of the wood to deformation or damage. for swelling and subsequent shrinking of wood. Dimensional changes are eliminated by up to 60%.
Wood shows increased resistance to rot and mold as well as improved insulation properties.

Paint and paint
If you decide to treat the treated wood on the façade with a coating, you will preserve the wood without the typical gray patina, which will show itself for approx. 1 year after exposure to weather, we recommend using OSMO Patio Oil No. 010 Thermo Wood Oil. OSMO Terrace Oil is a coating based on natural vegetable oils and waxes and thanks to the use of these raw materials it is a completely harmless coating for wood. The pigments contained in this coating will not cause any significant change in the original color of Thermo Pine; on the contrary, the shade will become even more accentuated and, in addition, the wood will be protected from UV rays, which have the greatest effect on wood graying. However, do not coat thermo wood earlier than 3 months after the installation of the facade profiles.
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